• 4) Grow Liv - DS Bags - Fast Relief

    Indications: Hepatitis A & E Virus Killer, Blood Purification, Body Swelling, Anaemia.

    Direction: [1.] Take 4 cups of water in a pan, soak 1 or 2 dip dip bags(as prescribed by doctor) in it, keep it overnight.
    [2.] Morning without removing dip dip bag boil the soaked water until 1 cup of water is left.
    [3.] Let it cool, remove the bags and consume it as prescribed by the doctor.

    Adults - 20-30 ml 3-4 times in a day.
    Childern - 5-10 ml 3-4 times in a day.
    New Born Baby - 4-5 Drops 3-4 times in a day. ( with glucose water or Normal water )

    Composition: Kasni, Hawber, Mulethi, Sharpunkha, Neem Chall, Aloevera, Wheat Grass, Daaruhaldi, Unnabh, Chairayata, Bitterguard Leaves, Papaya Leaves, Bhel, Bhui Anwla, Kutki

    MRP: 3700 INR [Including GST]


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