The influence of hepatitis is huge because it impacts the functionality of the liver and creates lots of problems in the long run for the patients. It is caused by a virus that becomes dormant for a period of time and then again resurfaces. If the immune system of the patient is weak, the hepatitis B virus can create havoc with the body. General symptoms include liver pain, nausea, and Vomiting.

Similar effects can also be seen during the occurrence of the disease hepatitis A.  They are accompanied by secondary effects such as high cholesterol, Allergies, and varicose veins.   Clinical and laboratory research has proved that Ayurvedic treatment is quite effective against the disease because conventional treatment is not very successful against the problem. Castor oil can be greatly beneficial to the patients because it forms an important part of herbal medicine. During severe inflammation, it helps in improving the functionality of the liver and spleen.


There are many things to avoid for the patients affected by hepatitis and it includes over the counter medicines causing side effects to the patients. Alcohol, caffeine could aggravate the situation to a great extent resulting in problems. For combating the problem Hepatitis A to H Cure is available to the patients through a combination of holistic approaches.  Milk thistle extracted with 95% ethanol is very popular because it is an antioxidant and inhibits the growth of the virus.  Substances like silymarin and placebo improve the condition of the patients and make the immune system strong.


As far as India is concerned Hepatitis treatment India incorporates instruction for avoiding different types of dietary supplements. Colloidal silver should not be consumed because it has side effects that are irreversible.  Some of the health supplements could be harmful to people with known health issues. Instead, the Ayurveda technique is used to provide relief to the patients.  Detoxification of the body is achieved through special procedures and it helps in inhibiting the spread of the virus throughout the body. For hepatitis B treatment, lifestyle modification is very necessary for patients such as they should not consume oily food.  Palliative research medicines are very popular among patients because they treat the symptoms well. If you are a regular user of alcohol make sure that you opt for the hepatitis herbal treatment because it will help in de-addiction and improve the health of the patient.  Ayurveda treatment states that too much deposition of iron is dangerous in the body; therefore food products rich in iron content should be avoided at all costs. If people are suffering from hepatitis, they should opt for herbal treatment because it entails minimum side effects. Moreover supplemented with meditation and Yoga it can do wonders for the body of the patient.

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