Jaundice occurs on an increase of bilirubin level in the blood above 1 mg. Bilirubin is formed in the liver and is collected as bile in the Gallbladder. 60% of newborn infants can also have jaundice but many of them recover automatically within 4 or 5 days. Sometimes it is drug-induced due to use of certain medicines by the mother. Malaria can also cause jaundice. Hepatitis A & E is caused due to the use of contaminated water or food, especially during the rainy season.

The virus causing “Hepatitis-B” is considered to be more dangerous than A.I.D.S. It is also known as Australia antigen since it was first discovered in Australia. This virus damages liver-cells. “Hepatitis B” spreads through the use of contaminated needles, razor, blood components & sexual contacts. Males are more affected due to the use of razors, though 100 times more fatal then A.I.D.S. The patients should not be looked upon with doubts as sexual contacts are not the only cause of this disease. “Hepatitis-B” is of two types: Acute & Chronic, Acute Hepatitis is always associated with Jaundice while the chronic disease continues without symptoms & the patients are called carriers.

Treatment of Acute “Hepatitis-B” is simple and inexpensive, at the same time without any side effects. It does not have even the least bad effect. Even the poor can easily afford the treatment. In chronic “Hepatitis-B”, Patients can be saved from the people believe that  Ayurvedic treatment takes longer time but it is not true.

Ayurvedic treatment starts giving benefits with the first couple of doses if it is not combined with chemicals patients can be treated at home and hospitalization is not required. Let us get cured by ancient Ayurvedic treatment. During Jaundice HBsAg blood test must be performed.

If there is a pain in our body parts we feel it, but it is not true with Liver. Therefore patients come to know about it after a long time when Liver Cancer ensues. Patients with this disease are increasing in our country since doctors believe there is no cure for it. 2,50,000 peoples die due to this disease alone every year. Doctors at A.I.I.M.S. and G.B. Pant hospitals at Delhi working with Gastroenterology cases believe that medicines like interferon can fight the virus by strengthening the immune system. If that fails then there is less hope. Such costly medicines are only 30% effective. Rich people can afford it but a common man cannot even think about it. doctors doing a Liver transplant says that it costs Rs. 90 Lakhs in America, Rs. 60 Lakhs in England & in India it can cost 10-12 Lakh Rs. Even after that, there is no guarantee. In our country, 98% of people are getting cured of Acute Hepatitis while 75% of patients with Chronic Hepatitis ( Careers ) are saved from Liver-Cirrhosis and Liver Cancer. It is very Unfortunate that still, people don’t want to believe it.

Ayurveda will not be honored till it gets the foreign stamp, no matter if lakhs of people die by them. VR. Ashu Grover Believes, she is treating Jaundice for last 20 yrs. & treating “Hepatitis-B” for the last 10 yrs. At one time people will believe & follow Ayurveda. Let us follow Ayurvedic Cure & get rid of fatal diseases.

SANJIVANI-BOOTI is there but one should have the knowledge to recognize it.

Vaidh Rani Ashu Grover ( Liver Specialist )

  • Liver, Jaundice, Digestion & Hepatitis A to H Cure & care
  • National & International Award Winner
  • President of Priyal Ayur Society, Bhopal
  • Life Member of International Society for Herbal Medicine, Lucknow

Note:- Most promising Treatment for Hepatitis A to H. 100% cure in a very short time.


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