·        Vaidhrani Ashu Grover: Liver Specialist (Herbal Treatment)

In a time when diseases like AIDS and Hepatitis B & C have created panic all over the world, a lady in Madhya Pradesh has treated thousands of patients suffering from Hepatitis B & C successfully. Her work has won recognition from various National and International quarters. Her medical preparation has given positive results within one month in about 75% patients whom she has dealt with.

Vaidhrani Ashu Grover is working from her center in Bhopal and support her claim of treating patients of Hepatitis B & C with lab report of all the cases she has dealt with. Vaidhrani Grover has treated all the patient’s by Herbal (‘Grow Liv’) medicine.

  • Liver, Jaundice, Digestion & Hepatitis A to H Cure & Care
    • National & International Award Winner
    • President of Priyal Ayur Society, Bhopal
    • Life Member of International Society for Herbal Medicine, Lucknow